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Bidsketch: professional proposals in minutes? we'll see.

November 3rd 2014 - reviews

I stumbled upon Bidsketch a couple weeks ago while just searching for "proposal templates". I needed to write a marketing proposal quickly and the templates that they offered looked really slick.

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What to look for in a web design company

October 3rd 2014 - web design

It seems that everyone has a website these days. Small local stores, major retailers, nonprofits, restaurants, bloggers even rural farms have a web presence. With so many user friendly platforms like WordPress, Wix & Squarespace it's quite easy to get a basic website up and running with out hiring a web designer. But what if you NEED or even just WANT someone to help you. Sometimes there's more to a great website then just putting your contact information and a feel-good istock photo up.

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