Total MLM Solutions® Overview

How Total MLM Solutions® Evolved

Total MLM Solutions® was developed in the year 2000 by system consultants, software engineers and network marketing experts who have extensive experience setting up enterprise-level MLM computing infrastructures. Our system is designed to save clients both money and time and to meet your requirements. You do not have to change your vision to fit our service - we tailor our service, program and support to fit your plans.

Total MLM Solutions® is an ALL-INCLUSIVE turn-key system that supports Binary, Unilevel, Force Matrix and Hybrid compensation plans. In addition, we have optional services that can be added to your Total MLM Solution. Our Total MLM Solutions® includes six components and 20 optional services:
:: The Corporate Site
:: The Replicating Site
:: The Member’s Back Office
:: The Administration Site
:: The e-Commerce Components
:: The custom programmed Total MLM Solutions® Viewer of downline in realtime for commissions, placement and product orders

Since each Total MLM package is priced according to the client's needs. The above six components comprise the 'system' and cannot be piece milled or selected ala’carte. They can be phased in as required, however, they all are interdependent and are not priced or sold in separately or in part.

The Corporate Site delivers the corporate message. Here, news, prospecting information and policies and procedures are found. Every page is editable by the company. Lastly, a corporate-wide calendar is included.

The Replicating Site is a prospecting site for Independent Business Representatives (IBR) of the organization. Here, new members can join, prospecting information is displayed, and presentation tools are readily available. Lastly, a facility exists for a prospective member to contact the IBR.

The Members Back Office is where the IBR can review the state of his organization, communicate with his downline, manage his prospecting efforts, and edit his own personal information.

The Administration Site is where the owners/management can communicate with the membership, pull reports on the state of the business, support individual IBRs, manage commissions, print commission checks, etc..

The e-Commerce Component is a complete shopping mall, featuring auto ship and sign up system that can handle subscriptions and reccurring billing.

We have a number of options available for you to choose from. These optional choices will be priced separately depending on your needs.

1. phone answering services
2. fulfillment house order processing
3. accounting services
4. 1099s at the end of the year
5. legal services
6. graphic design services
7. custom programming
8. seminars
9. ads / leads management
10. convention services / after show followup of leads
11. distributor voicemail / conference call cervices
12. webmeeting services
13. video eMail marketing
14. marketing collateral / magazines / posters / trade show pre & post show mailings
15. customer support
16. locate and negotiate on your behalf for product lines
17. compensation plan
18. credit card and payment processing services including ACH and IVR
19. merchant account interface (API)
20. training on site or at destination High Springs, Florida (world's largest concentration of 1st Magnitude* springs in the world!)
*greater than 100 cubic feet per second flow - pristine and crystal clear water for you to enjoy during your stay in sunny Florida

Once we talk with you to determine your desired selection of services we can prepare a quote tailored to meet your requirements.

Our basic service plans will save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of man-hours because we have the experience to guide you to the best fit for your business plan and MLM model. Let us know how we can accommodate your needs.