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Cyber Pay & Post - Secure Online Accounts Receivable Management

Would you like to increase cash flow and reduce staff time in collecting accounts receivable? Cyber Pay & Post can work with most accounting programs to capture accounts receivable and provide browser based payment options. Cyber Pay & Post works with or without a merchant account, thereby reducing additional costs of collection. You can provide your customers 24-7 access to their account and the ability to make secure payment of their bills. The recurring transaction function can automatically bill credit cards or generate e-checks. This browser based component can be added to your existing website or we can create an independent Cyber Payment Portal for your business.

Features and Benefits
:: works with existing accounting program and website
:: browser based secure transaction portal
::eliminates repetition of billing and collections
:: increase cash flow
:: perform recurring transaction
:: works with or without merchant account
:: print e-checks or take advantage of direct deposit
:: collect fees for goods or services of any type

Who can use Cyber Pay & Post?

City-County-State Government - Municipalities can make utility bills, taxes, licenses, and application fees available for payment. In addition, we offer a work order feature that will route and report citizen concerns to designated recipients via email, pager or cell phone text messaging. We provide batch or real-time posting solutions and API connections to all major merchant providers. 

Apartment Management - Cyber Pay & Post can turn the collection of rent into a streamlined operation. Eliminate the repetition of notices and collecting.

Mini-Storage Facilities - Take application and payment online to make payment access as easy as storage access. Clients can complete an application, sign-up for a desired rental period, make inquiries and pay form any computer connected to the Internet.

Waste Handling Companies - Monthly billing and collections can be handled through the existing website with a single text link or button. Cyber Pay & Post can increase cash-flow, reduce staff time and even generate a revenue stream. Included in Cyber Pay & Post is a work order and customer care module which makes handling inquiries and concerns efficient and cost effective. Repetitive billing can be implemented with a single click. Call today for an online walk-through of Cyber Pay & Post.

Any business - If your business generates invoices and collects for goods or services, Cyber Pay & Post can save you time and increase cash flow. In addition, Cyber Pay & Post has the potential to generate a new revenue stream for your business. Contact us today to learn how you can add Cyber Pay & Post to your website as a plug-in component or an independent assistant in the collection of your accounts receivable.