Merchant Account & Credit Card Services

Solution for Merchant Account & Credit Card Services

Are you giving away too much of your profit to merchant fees? Our solution connects you to a direct gateway, direct acquirer and direct issuer/processor. Unlike other 2nd and 3 tier processors you are getting direct service without bumped up fees added on by gate-keepers who collect a percentage of your transaction. We can help!

Do you want the easiest available way to process credit cards with no sign up, monthly*, or equipment fees? This is a low risk, low cost way to start accepting credit cards with none of the monthly*, gateway or equipment fees of traditional merchant accounts. All you need is a computer or telephone to process cards. Plus, traditional merchant accounts will lure you in with low rates that you probably won't qualify for. We make sure you know what you are paying up front. And... traditional processors up the chill factor when you mention network marketing or MLM startup or evan an established business looking for a better rate. We help you through the application, underwriting and implementation process on a step by step basis. You are free to take care of the big picture and we handle the details.

And if you are looking to truly set your company apart for the competition, how would you like your own branded cash card (BCC) designed and produced with your corporate image, slogan, company message? That is truly putting your corporate product, image and branded message out to everyone who accepts cash cards and gives you and your distributors a fantastic ice-breaker for introducing your products, services and company. This cash card is a convenient way to load commissions, rewards and bonuses without the hassle of traditional paper processing.

Comparison Chart of Direct Provider to traditional Merchant Account Vendors

Direct Provider
Traditional 2nd or 3rd level processors
(VAT - Certified Payments)
Internet processing YES NO
Telephone processing YES NO
eMail invoice/billing YES NO
Set-up fee NO FEE $30 - $600
Monthly fee NO FEE* $10 - $50 per month
Statement fee NO FEE $10 - $25 per month
Gateway fee NO FEE $15 - 30 per month
Monthly minimums NO $20 +
Contract commitments NO YES
Terminal lease N/A $39 - $65 per month
Terminal purchase N/A $695 - $1195
Processing fees** As low as 2.69% 2.50% - 4.00%
Accepts MLM or Startups
Many will not process MLM,
Network Marketing startups or new businesses
without a brick & mortar location
Cash Card / works like
any debit card for purchases
modest setup fee
branded or traditional
offered to exclusive accounts,
and cost is out of reach for most sartups
* Monthly inactivity fees may apply after 6 months for basic Accounts or after 12 months for Premium or higher level Accounts.
** non-swipe transactions