Total Data Security

The new standard in Security Encryption Software

Drop Secure ProTM is the best way to keep your most valuable electronic data secure and private!

In an open environment like the Internet, where email messages, web and file interceptions can cause havoc, Drop Secure ProTM's security encryption, patent pending technology, will give you peace of mind knowing you have taken the extra step to protect your vital information.
Feel confident knowing your data is 100% safe.

Drop Secure ProTM surpasses government security guidelines for encryption. Our software works on a high level of security sophistication. We use multiple encryption ciphers, performing simultaneously, in a unique way that greatly increases file security. This technique makes Drop Secure ProTM the safest product you can buy. This is such a unique product that we patented it.We developed our software knowing you will appreciate this exquisite piece of engineering in security systems.

Drop Secure ProTM is without a doubt the BEST security encryption software TODAY!

Our clients are from diverse industries and have many reasons to use Drop Secure ProTM

  • Intellectual property
  • Bank statements
  • Attorneys' confidential information
  • Financial records
  • Client data
  • Employee data
  • Contracts
  • Business & Marketing plans
  • Confidential corporate information
  • Confidential photographs & videos
  • Police records
  • Government records
  • End of life private Will
  • And anything else that needs to be secure.

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Available for mac, windows and linux users